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An all-new Sleep experience in the Health app helps you meet your sleep goals. Browsing the web should feel fast, powerful and private. Hide iPhone Apps Using Folders. You can even customize an active group so you only receive notifications when you are mentioned. Feels like home. Available in English (U.S., UK, Canada, India and Australia). CarPlay also supports new app types — parking, electric vehicle charging and quick food ordering. Select a widget, choose from three widget sizes, then tap Add Widget. Apps from the App Store have changed the way we do just about everything. Works with AirPods Pro, AirPods (2nd generation), EarPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro. You can also add a Smart Stack of widgets intelligently curated based on the apps you use most, and the right widget will show up automatically at the right time in your day. Tap the plus icon in the top right corner. Get the App. When you add a new HomeKit accessory, the Home app suggests useful automations so you can put it right to work. You’re able to do more with your iPhone than ever before. With iOS 14.5, Apple continues to introduce some interesting changes to the interface of the Podcasts app. Tap Done. Works with AirPods Pro, AirPods (1st generation) or later, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo Pro, Powerbeats3 Wireless, Beats Solo3 Wireless, Beats Studio3 Wireless and BeatsX. Maps can track your current vehicle charge and factor in things like elevation to automatically add charging stops along the way. Members of a shared list can now assign reminders to each other so splitting up tasks is easier than ever. To do this, Safari uses strong cryptographic techniques to regularly check derivations of your passwords against a list of breached passwords in a secure and private way that doesn’t reveal your password information — even to Apple. So iOS 14 reimagines the most iconic parts of the experience to be even more helpful and personal. iOS 14 updates the core experience of iPhone with redesigned widgets on the Home Screen, a new way to automatically organize apps with the App Library, and a compact design for phone calls and Siri. Launches quickly. Keep a digital car key in your Wallet app so you can leave your physical car keys at home. You can also add widgets from Today View. And thanks to a new compact design, you can take advantage of everything Siri can do without losing your context. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking puts surround sound channels in exactly the right place, even as you turn your head or move your device.8. Sharing keys with friends or family is easy. The common method to delete apps on iOS 14 is to long-press on the home screen to enter the Jiggle mode. Messages introduces pinned conversations and brings improvements to … Im Bereich News findest du alle Nachrichten der tagesschau geordnet nach Ressorts wie Ausland, Inland, Wirtschaft, Investigativ oder Wetter. Restart your iPhone. And now it’s even easier to take advantage of the broad selection of HomeKit accessories. Tapping Open immediately launches the App Clip, providing a powerful, focused app experience that’s privacy friendly. Appcake iOS 13.7 - iOS 13 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. With iOS 14, that magic has a few new tricks, whether you’re listening to music, catching up on a podcast or taking in a movie. Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Give your group conversation a visual identity by adding a photo or Memoji, or choose an emoji. Die Startseitenvideos sollten jetzt wieder auf allen Geräten fehlerfrei durchlaufen, ohne dass die App sich aufhängt. Now you can keep watching videos or continue your FaceTime call while you use another app. Small size. tagesschau (@tagesschau). Safari translation (beta) supports English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Works for up to five hours even after your iPhone battery runs out. Hiding apps using folders is an old story. Now, in iOS 14, tap on the waiting app’s minus icon (if you see it) and then Delete App → Delete. In diesem Release haben die Entwickler primär den Feedback zu iOS 14 bearbeitet. There are multiple ways to fix apps that keep freezing, closing unexpectedly on iOS 14, which you will learn from this article. Camera support for scanning an App Clip code will be made available in an iOS 14 software update later this year. So with iOS 14, Safari is more responsive and capable than ever, while giving you new ways to help protect your privacy. Disclose data usage in the App Store Text and images contained in the “Octopus” Wikipedia entry are available under the. And most of you may be … Enlarge translated text in landscape view, making it easier to read and more effective at getting someone’s attention. Plan your trip with charging stations along the way. Choose from a set of wallpapers that look great. Easily switch to Sign in with Apple when logging in to participating apps. An indicator appears at the top of your screen whenever an app is using your microphone or camera. TestFlight is not available for Mac apps… You can customize controls and create restricted profiles, perfect for new drivers. Google Mobile Ads SDK version 8.3.0 introduces the same app key to help you deliver more relevant and personalized ads by using data collected from the app the user is using. You can revoke and share keys temporarily, too. To update all apps, tap the Update All button. The new App Library automatically organizes all of your apps into one simple, easy‑to‑navigate view. Siri is a vital way to get information and get things done. Enable a fully offline experience for Translate. Unc0ver Jailbreak tool support installs Cydia for iOS 14 to iOS 14.3, running every Devices. All testing conducted by Apple in August 2020 using iPhone 11 Pro Max supporting normal peak performance with iOS 13.6.1 and prerelease iOS 14 using the built-in Camera app with Live Photo enabled. Use all the app features for downloaded languages and keep your translations private without needing to turn off your phone’s Internet connection. Now app developers can make their subscriptions available for sharing among members of a Family Sharing group. With a blazing‑fast JavaScript engine, Safari delivers up to 2x faster JavaScript performance than Chrome on Android.6. The new iOS 14 update finally lets you customize apps to your liking. In a pinned group conversation, you’ll see the recent participants animate around the pin when they send a message, so you know who is chatting and what they’re saying. With Maps in iOS 14, it’s easier than ever to discover new places to go and environmentally friendly ways to get there. Die neue tagesschau-App präsentiert die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages auf moderne, nutzerfreundliche Weise: Auf der Startseite laufen Videos im Vollbild, die hochkant und im Querformat abspielbar sind. Die Nachrichten der ARD ... No Broadcasts. Für die Tagesschau App für iOS des öffentlich-rechtlichen Senders ARD steht im im iTunes App Store ab sofort ein weiteres Update mit der Versions-Nummer 3.0.5 zum Download bereit. See the global settings guide for more information on how to implement the same app key. Organize your photos and videos with new options to filter and sort, and easily navigate using pinch and zoom in more views throughout Photos. With Translate, conversations are easy by design. Clear recent apps iPhone 8 and earlier. 3. Apple Maps editors have worked with trusted brands and partners to offer Guides for great places around the world to eat, shop and explore.2 You can save Guides, and they automatically update when new places are added, so you always have the latest recommendations. Works with AirPods Pro, AirPods (2nd generation), Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro. watchOS apps: Apple Watch running watchOS 2 or later. Requires tvOS 14. Save translations in the Favorites tab for easy access later. Conversations across languages should feel natural and easy, and should have the ability to remain private. Here’s how. Dazu kommen wie immer verschiedene Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen, um die App zuverlässiger zu machen. Stay informed about severe weather events19 and learn about upcoming shifts in weather, so you know if it will be significantly warmer, colder or wetter the next day. On-device intelligence helps you do everything from finding your notes faster to capturing sharper document scans. Electric vehicle routing requires iPhone with iOS 14 and a compatible vehicle. Die wichtigsten Nachrichten findest du außerdem auch als Video. Siri has over 20x more facts than just three years ago. Just bring your iPhone near your car door to unlock. Safari can now translate websites in seven different languages.5 When you come to a website that Safari can translate, an icon appears. Das Update mit der Versions-Nummer 3.0.5 erfordert ein Gerät mit iOS 11.0 und neuer und kann ab sofort im iTunes App Store geladen werden. Requires iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone X. Außerdem werden regelmäßig die Ausgaben der tagesschau … With pinned conversations, you can see messages as they come in. Swipe up on the app's preview to close the app. New features help you get what you need in the moment. Headphone Accommodations amplifies soft sounds and can tune for your individual hearing, to help music, phone calls and more sound crisp and clear.10, Connect two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV 4K so you can enjoy movies and shows with someone else without disturbing others.11. Meet iOS 14, the next generation of iOS and iPadOS with tons of new features including Widgets, Siri Offline, AR Maps and New Call Screen UI. So iOS 14 gives you new ways to stay connected to the conversations that matter most, keep track of group conversations and express yourself however you like. ARD-aktuell has successfully put efforts and engineered a sophisticated software. Improved app product pages mean important app details are more glanceable. After you access an App Clip, a card appears. Type a name to direct a message to someone. Launcher’s creator, Greg Gardner, says he’s seen a surge of interest in his app due to the iOS 14 release, even before its update, out today, which delivers the iOS 14 widget support. Wir veröffentlichen hier aktuelle Livestreams, Kurzvideos und Reportagen aus den Angeboten der tagesschau-Redaktionen. Set your lights to change colour temperature throughout the day. iMessage apps and sticker packs require iOS 10 or later. The latter may also drain your mobile data flat rates. Starting in early 2021, see which apps you’ve given permission to in Settings. Loads in seconds. WHAT’S NEW? iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever. If you're tired of scrolling through page after page of apps in your iPhone, iOS 14 has a new trick for you — hiding apps. Face Recognition and Activity Zones are part of HomeKit Secure Video, the feature that brings video from your camera accessories right to your Home app. Tap the Add button in the upper-left corner. Privacy information on the App Store will be coming in an iOS 14 update later this year. 2. Tagesschau Probleme unter iOS 14. Im Bereich „Alle Nachrichten“ bietet die App Ihnen so viele News wie nie zuvor - auf Wunsch auch personalisiert. This feature works with Apple Watch, too. Along with new age options and face coverings, choose from over 20 new hair and headwear styles to reflect your hobby, profession and personality. In der Regel stellt dieser aber zeitnah ein Update für Tagesschau im App Store zum Download bereit. Now there’s an even faster way to take advantage of them with App Clips. You’ll keep the account you already use, but have one less password to keep track of. Step 03 - Then tap on “Start now”> “Jailbreak now” Step 04 - It will take you to the Cydia Configuration screen. Privacy is a fundamental human right and at the core of everything we do. A small part of an app, an App Clip is discoverable the moment you need it and is focused on a specific task. In iOS 14 and 13. Now you can tap the Privacy Report button to better understand how websites treat your privacy. 1. Once inside, place your iPhone on a reader or wireless charger to start your car. And the Health app has new data types for mobility, health records, symptoms and ECG.18. Pin up to nine of your most important conversations to the top of your conversation list, so you can easily get to them. When you are mentioned, your name is highlighted. Same app key. A new visual status in the Home app prioritizes the accessories that most need your attention and allows you to easily control them. Starting in early 2021, receive a prompt when an app wants to track you across apps or websites owned by other companies for advertising, or wants to share your information with data brokers. Seamlessly move between devices without manually switching your AirPods.9 If you finish a phone call on your iPhone and pick up your iPad to watch a movie, AirPods automatically switch over. You can also view your recent history and save phrases you just translated. ARKit 4 introduces Location Anchors, allowing developers to place AR experiences, like life‑size art installations or navigational directions, at a specific point in the world.15 And even more users can delight in AR experiences accessible only via the front camera, with expanded support for face tracking on all devices with the A12 Bionic chip and later. Apps are sorted by category and your most used apps are always just one tap away. Adaptive Lighting, Face Recognition and Activity Zones in the Home app require an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad set up as a home hub and a compatible HomeKit accessory. tvOS apps: Apple TV running tvOS 9 or later. Here's how to easily store all your apps in the App Library in iOS 14. Try it for yourself, I am pretty sure that you will like it too. Tap on the ZeonJB icon. Ended 11 months ago. App Clips require iOS 14 or later. And easily take your games across iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV with the Continue Playing feature. Die Tagesschau App ist für Geräte mit Android 4.1 sowie iOS 11.0 und höher verfügbar. Now you can reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever. If you're asking yourself where your newly installed iPhone apps are, you aren't alone. However, your mobile phone carrier may charge you extra, particularly if you watch a lot of our videos on the go. If you have access to Wi-Fi you can utilize our Download2Go feature to save all the App’s content on your mobile device. All testing conducted by Apple in August 2020 using iPhone 11 Pro Max supporting normal peak performance with iOS 13.6.1 and prerelease iOS 14 using the built‑in Camera app with Live Photo enabled. See. Share only your approximate location rather than your exact location — perfect for apps like local news or weather. App Library Folders. Usage of Tagesschau’s App is free of charge. Maps is the best way to navigate and explore the world, all while protecting your privacy. Some features, applications and services may not be available in all regions or all languages. App Clips are small in file size, so they’re lightning fast to get. And design updates across the app help focus your attention on your content and on the most important actions you can take. Quickly access achievements, leaderboards and your Game Center profile right from the App Store and within your Game Center–enabled games. Here's how. Automatic language detection transcribes the original and translated text on the appropriate sides of the screen, followed by translated audio. iOS apps: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8 or later. Why App Crash on iOS 14 Apple is one of the best performing companies in the world because it provides iPhone and iPad users with very … Coronavirus: Lagebericht des Robert Koch-Instituts, 14.4.2020. tagesschau. Define Activity Zones that focus on the most important areas of what your camera sees, so you can be alerted only when there’s motion in the zone you set.4. That’s why with iOS 14, we’re giving you more control over the data you share and more transparency into how it’s used. Video cameras and doorbells can now identify people you’ve tagged in the Photos app.4 Easily tag people, and choose to be notified based on the person. From Today View, touch and hold a widget until the quick actions menu opens, then tap Edit Home Screen. News, Tipps, Tools, Treiber, Anleitungen und mehr, Klick, um über Twitter zu teilen (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet), Klick, um auf Facebook zu teilen (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet), Klicken, um auf WhatsApp zu teilen (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet), Klicken, um auf Telegram zu teilen (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet), Klick, um auf Reddit zu teilen (Wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet), Tagesschau App ist jetzt für iOS 14 und iPadOS 14 optimiert, iOS 14 Handbuch landet im Apple Books Store, tvOS 14 Handbuch landet im Apple Books Store, iPadOS 14 Handbuch landet im Apple Books Store, watchOS 7 Handbuch landet im Apple Books Store, Apple veröffentlicht watchOS 7 für die Apple Watch, Apple veröffentlicht iOS 14.1 für iPhone mit neuen Features, Apple veröffentlicht iPadOS 14.1 für iPad mit neuen Features, iOS 14 › Was ist neu in iOS 14 für iPhone und iPod touch, watchOS 7 › Was ist neu in watchOS 7 für die Apple Watch, iPadOS 14 › Was ist neu in iPadOS 14 für iPad und iPad mini, Apple veröffentlicht tvOS 14 für Apple TV mit neuen Features, Apple veröffentlicht Version 14.1 der Software für den HomePod, Geräte die mit iOS 14, iPadOS 14 und watchOS 7 kompatibel sind, Samsung Galaxy S20 erhält Sicherheitsupdate für April 2021, Samsung Galaxy S10 erhält Sicherheitsupdate für April 2021, Galaxy Note 20 erhält Sicherheitsupdate für April 2021, FRITZ!OS 7.24-87448 Labor für die FRITZ!Box 7490 verfügbar, Microsoft veröffentlicht Office Updates für April 2021, iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch aktualisieren › Hier kannst du die neuesten Softwareupdates laden, Adobe Reader Offline Installer herunterladen, Neues E-Mail-Konto auf dem iPhone einrichten, Microsoft veröffentlicht Kalender 2021 Vorlagen, Windows 10 Oktober 2020 Update ist jetzt verfügbar, Tipps, Tools und Anleitungen zu Microsoft Office, Gmail E-Mail-Konto in Outlook 2019 hinzufügen, iCloud E-Mail-Konto in Outlook 2019 hinzufügen, Outlook.com E-Mail-Konto in Outlook hinzufügen, Hotmail E-Mail-Konto in Outlook 2019 hinzufügen, Firmware- und Software-Updates für die FRITZ!Box, So lässt sich Gmail mit dem iPhone synchronisieren, So lässt sich Hotmail mit dem iPhone synchronisieren, Apple veröffentlicht Benutzerhandbuch für iPhone 12, Apple veröffentlicht Benutzerhandbuch für iPhone 11, Neues E-Mail-Konto in Microsoft Outlook einrichten, Outlook Backup › Daten sichern und wiederherstellen, So lassen sich Office oder Windows Probleme beheben.

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