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I love Sharks, manta rays and especially huge whales . The Wayag archipelago in western Waigeo is a must-visit once you’re in Raja Ampat, since this is the place where all beauty of Raja Ampat is centered. All these spendings are for one person. That is just so amazingly beautiful. Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua province.It comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau.. You should also take time to pump up your adrenaline in one of the islands, the Pulau Karang, or Rocky Island, by climbing up its nearly perpendicular slope to the top. Explores the Forest Nonetheless, the whole experience itself while visiting this extraordinary place is already considered by many tourists as the best souvenir. History shows that Raja Ampat was once a part of the Sultanate of Tidore, an influential kingdom from Maluku. As a result, you have several choices of diving resorts. In 1759 Captain William Wilson sailing in the East Indiaman Pitt navigated these waters and named a strait the 'Pitt strait', after his vessel; this was probably the channel between Batanta and Salawati. The atoll chain amidst the sea, the hard corals you can see outgrowing above sea level, the waving soft corals, the underwater caves, and the crystal-clear water are but a few things that will keep you wanting to come back here over and over again. Likewise, you can found the heritage in prehistory period through hand stamps form on the caves in Misool Mountain. Another option available is taking a trip by speed boat, which you’d better do before the rise of tide. Scuba Courses. First, there's no better way to discover some of the most amazing dive spots, especially remote locations like Raja Ampat and Cocos Island. Mangrove roots intersection with coral reefs growing spots in this area makes an outstandingly unique scenery that will charm any photography enthusiasts. Typically one such motor boat can bring up to 10-12 passengers. Sharks, Mantas. Although traditional culture still strongly exists, they are very welcoming to visitors. Raja Ampat local people are friendly, just like most of Indonesian personalities. Likewise, here lies webbegog, manta rays, sea horses dwarf, Eviota fish king (a kind of gobbie which is belong to the endemic fish Raja Ampat. Most of the time we choose warm destinations for our diving holiday trips and with this come great new experiences and positive things for our body and mind! Their works are supported by local government, and NGOs. 5 Diving Spots in Raja Ampat, West Papua... All The Heavenly Things to Do in Nabire... 15 Amazing Things to do in Sorong, West... 20 Best Things to Do in Manokwari West... Get Ready to Get Hot after Eating these 7 Spiciest Food in Indonesia! Then, you can try variety of seafood menu here and its fresh from the sea or river water. They peeped and got shocked. The traditional and international menus according to your preference, all hand-made by the locals. [/toggle] [toggle title=”15. They took the eggs home, and kept them in their room. Most of the islands constitute the Raja Ampat Regency, which was separated out from Sorong Regency in 2004. That’s why home-stays are most recommended among other modes of accommodations, about IDR 250,000 for one night. Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters including night dives. Mereka mengunjungi kepulauan Raja Ampat selama 6 hari dengan menghabiskan sebagian besar waktunya di kapal mewah tersebut. Many liveaboard destinations can't be reached by land-based operators. About 540 kinds of coral reefs, or the world’s 75 percent, are found here – ten times the number of species ever found in the whole Caribbean area. There are proposals to divide the current Raja Ampat Regency into three, with Waigeo and its surrounding small islands forming a new North Raja Ampat Regency (Kabupaten Raja Ampat Utara), and with Misool and Kofiau and their surrounding small islands forming a new South Raja Ampat Regency (Kabupaten Raja Ampat Selatan), leaving the residue of the existing Regency to cover the northern part of Salawati Island (the rest of Salawati Island still lies within Sorong Regency) and Batanta Island (which forms Selat Sagawin District). Such a high cost could be the main reason why visitors to Raja Ampat are mostly foreign tourists. Originally retrieved from. The PADI 5 Star Resort reopened for domestic travel at the end of August, with enhanced safety protocols to mitigate COVID transmission, after the government declared the nearby regency Tambrauw a … ... Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea aboard the Fenides. Orangutan. 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Other features of this area are 5 rare species of sea turtle, 13 species of sea mammals, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua province. Ijen. Come and Visit these 3 Natural Beaches in Karangasem Bali! If you have booked one of the resorts beforehand, you can even ask the resort staff to pick you up upon arrival on the port. Don’t Miss These 4 Comfortable Campsites in Bogor! [23], The submarine world around the islands was the subject of the documentary film Edies Paradies 3 (by Otto C. Honegger), which has been broadcast by the Swiss television network Schweizer Fernsehen. Nikita Willy dan sang suami Indra Priawan berlibur di atas kapal Pinisi yang mewah. [10], The islands have a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 33 Â°C (68 to 91 Â°F). Also, Raja Ampat islands Indonesia are most untouchable area and it has a very natural virgin masterpieces. Another favorite activity here is surfing, since the sea waves in this area is challenging enough. Taking anti-malaria medicine and mosquito repellant cream with you on your journey is strongly recommended. Raja Ampat has been acknowledged one of 10 best diving sites of the world. This island lies straight facing the Ceram Sea and high seas where giant sea creatures including whales used to swim by. The name “Raja Ampat”, which literally means “Four Kings”, comes from a local hereditary myth or legend, which tells about a couple living in the forest. About 80 percent of Raja Ampat’s 15,400 sq.miles area consists of water. Another reason is the inadequacy of the existing infrastructures in Papua in general. Read More. You can also explore the islands by boat, or compete in kayak-race. Basic Scuba. Try to find a good lodging place upon arrival in Waisai. Using this mode of transportation, you should pay more attention to things like possible bad weather, rough seas, etc. The Coral Triangle is the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity, making Raja Ampat quite possibly the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. On some spots you can snorkel-dive while watching rayfish swimming around. Our island and our scuba diving sites are surrounded by our own 300,000 acre/ 1220 sq km Misool Marine Reserve, which we established in 2005. The best times to visit Raja Ampat are around October and November when the seas are relatively calm and the weather is friendly enough to let you have the best captures of your precious moments on your camera. A team of environmentalists and academics estimated much more substantial damage, with potential losses to Indonesia estimated at $18.6 million and a recovery time for the reef spanning decades. This strategic location is the reason of its abundantly rich marine biodiversity. I dream about diving with humback whales and beautiful dives . Its only competitor in regard to the beauty of marine ecosystem is the Weh Island in Sabang, Aceh province, which is located at the westernmost part of Indonesia. Untuk mengisi hari-harinya, rupanya mereka berencana untuk menikmati keindahan bawah laut dengan diving atau menyelam. Fishes and sea creatures from two different habitats intermingling in this area adds up to the uniqueness. [13], Raja Ampat is considered the global center of tropical marine bio-diversity and is referred to as The Crown Jewel of the Bird's Head Seascape, which also includes Cenderawasih Bay and Triton Bay. It takes extra photographic skills to make good underwater pictures, so make sure to take some time to practice the skills before travelling. Meanwhile, the festivals are Suling Tambir Festival in Waigeo and Maritime Festival in Waisai. Diving resorts stand ready to supply all the facilities, equipment and guides you need. Accommodations are no less costly. You will need them while visiting most spots in Raja Ampat. 2. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to this spot are mainly attracted to its astonishingly beautiful landscape, both ashore and underwater: its tropical forests, white-sandy beaches, mountains, and marine biodiversity are rarely found anywhere else in the world. 8. Kabul Bay atoll, Skulls Cave and a historic site in Kali Raja were among other tourist attractions you can find around there. Likewise, you can buy unique and special souvenirs like necklace, plates, woven bags, and more. Only 400 of them have been explored, while the remaining 200 are still untouched by humans. The regency encompasses around 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 sq mi) of land and sea, of which 7,559.6 km2 constitutes the land area and has a population of 47,885 (as of 2018). Travelling to Raja Ampat can be quite costly, especially if you are a backpacker. At times, you will be entertained with a kind of traditional war dance by local tribes. Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday around noon when the Aggressor returns to port. Salawati Island“]. There are many choices available. See All Trips. Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia is considered the best tourist destination in West Papua, Indonesia. If you’re a diving fanatic, you would love visiting Southern Waigeo. This sum equals the cost of hiring a long boat alone for round-sailing in 10 days. As we know, Raja Ampat holds their tradition so tight. From Sorong you can best take a 2-hour trip by sea to Raja Ampat’s capital Waisai which ‘only’ costs you a nice IDR 130,000. West End Northern Adventure - departs from Freeport and explores the west end of Grand Bahama and continues south to Bimini. It takes a 6-hour trip by boat from Sorong, which costs you IDR 6 million. Ranges from the most basic of basic rustic huts through to more comfortable eco resorts. Make sure to prepare special wrapper for your camera to enable you to capture underwater pictures, or rather, prepare a special underwater camera instead. Although it has to be noted that West Papua province as a whole have larger Muslim population because of the extensive history with the Sultanate of Tidore as well as recent migrations. Instead, it constitutes the Salawati Selatan District of Sorong Regency. What you will see right after reaching the top is beyond incredible. Raja Ampat people are more similar to the surrounding Moluccan people than Papuan people although they still speak Papuan language. Secondly, liveaboard diving is the most immersive experience you can get. [7] In 2019, local divers had begun the task of reducing starfish populations by injecting the starfish with a 10% vinegar solution; the dead starfish can then be eaten by local fish.

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