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2 (recurring); 3–8 (regular); 9 (guest appearance), First appearing as a great dancer, Marco becomes the love interest of Ellie until he reveals to her that he is. Jake later breaks up with Clare when she rushes into sex with him. Despite his skater-boy appearance, K.C. She creates a website where guys pay money to get anonymous naked pictures from the Power Squad and Zoë later accuses Frankie of ratting them out, and proceeds to frame her for the entire scandal. He tries to convince his mother to stay and he finally tells Holly J. he loves her. Dark Brown She is insecure about her, Holly J. is the younger sister of the unseen character Heather Sinclair. He briefly dates Becky but they break up after he steals money from her. Craig and Ashley rekindle their relationship; Craig proposes to her, but she refuses, resulting in the discovery of his. He bullies teammate Jane because of her being female. Reason She starts dating Rick Murray who becomes abusive and eventually pushes her down, causing her head to hit a cinder block. In All Falls Down (2), Owen is first seen in the background during Drew and Alli's fight. Deph Naught is his stage name and he has been rapping for years. They break up after a while, only to rekindle at prom. He graduates from Degrassi, but not before singing a song in front of the entire school to Marisol as an apology for his behavior at prom. Although he breaks up with her because she becomes too controlling and demeaning, he still tries to help her through her pregnancy, and they eventually get back together and plan to raise the child together. Then, Hunter is with Arlene in class and gives her a pen to use. A friend of Johnny and Derek's, he is the typical bully, and is on the football team. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian teen drama television series created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore. Jan 4, 2016 - Explore Julie "Gypsy" Keen's board "my unhealthy addiction with Degrassi" on Pinterest. She aims high in school and her standards also extend to boys. Jenna is tired of taking care of Tyson by herself, and they move in with K.C. He dates Hazel until he reveals to her that he has feelings for Ellie. He wants to keep the baby, but Manny makes the decision to have an abortion. She has participated in beauty pageants since she was little. Later, he convinces Anya to call the admissions office to explain that the reason she's applying late was because she helped her mother through cancer. In Better Off Alone (2), Owen starts a fight with K.C. Later on, Owen asks Riley if there's a problem with Drew, and they agree to help each other out and make Drew pay for all the blackmail he threatened Riley with. She dates J.T. 6 (recurring); 7–8 (regular); 9 (guest appearances), Mia has a child, with Lucas Valieri, who she gave birth to when she was 13 years old. She begins dating Winston, Miles' best friend, and wishes to keep this a secret. She briefly returns to Canada to comfort Drew at his brother's funeral. Zane snaps back at him, and Owen is surprised at how tough Zane actually is. being the father, and is too far along to have an abortion. While lifting weights together, he tells Tristan to tell Tori that he heard Zig calling her fat. Dave tries to make peace with Bruce and, although Bruce doesn't beat him up, he throws a water balloon filled with urine at him. They then decide to meet in the boiler room after he gets his wallet. In My Body Is A Cage (1), Fitz is seen walking down the hall with Owen when they run into Clare and Adam. He tries to stand up to Fitz's bullying. He returns to Degrassi a year and a half later, but is put in jail after a drag racing accident. Johnny starts to disassociate himself from Bruce, which initiates a conflict between them. She briefly becomes a stripper to prevent her family from being evicted. He is caught kissing Miss. Despite her spoiled background, Tori has a positive attitude. Like its predecessors, Degrassi: The Next Generation follows a group of students from Degrassi Community School, a fictional school in Toronto, Ontario, and depicts some of the typical issues and challenges common to a teenager's life. Discover (and save!) She has admitted to having a criminal record. The two proceed to work out on machines next to one another. After discovering that Spinner and Emma are getting married, she travels back to Toronto to try to change his decision, but she realizes that Spinner is happier with Emma. He struggles with becoming the first openly gay football player, but finally accepts it and kisses Zane in the hallway soon after. "Dear Writers, I Will Not Allow You to Quietly Bury Your Queers | Bitch Flicks", "Sad turn for Adam on "Degrassi" in last night's episode (Spoiler)", "Degrassi Season 12 Image Gallery: Meet The New Students! (To Anya) "You should really show more skin". Connor has appeared in 106 episodes including voice only appearances. Sav is Alli's older brother. He graduates from Degrassi, a year later than planned because of the time he had to take off due to physical therapy. Bianca is a bad girl and categorized as a "slut" around school. In The Time Of My Life, Owen is seen drinking at the prom, with Dallas and Mo he mentions how last year he was with the hottest girl Anya, and how this year three not as pretty girls turned him down. During the game, he is talking to Conner, wondering where Mo is until Mo finally shows up. The show started off with reintroducing the character Emma Nelson from Degrassi High, where she was born to Christine (Spike) Nelson. Declan later develops an attraction to Holly J. and they begin dating. Drew attempts to save her and is nearly beaten to death before Bianca kills Anson. They are suspected, but never caught. She reconciles with Blue after he saves her life at the robbery of The Dot but later breaks up with him because he tries to change her. She joins an SAT prep course using $2,000 that she stole from Fiona's bank account. That night he watches movies at the loft with the others. Fiona decides to set them up when she realizes she has feelings for Imogen. She begins a rocky, Peter is Mrs. Hatzilakos' son. She is a lesbian and befriends Becky and Imogen when they work on a project together. Last Episode breaks up with Clare for Jenna, ending her friendship with Clare and Alli. She moved to Regina to be near her sick mother. After having her heart broken by Eli, she eventually comes to be friends with him and Fiona. In Scream (2), he is seen talking to Dallas and Luke when Maya, Tori, and Zig come up. He lets the two talk and is invited to Fiona's loft to study. He rekindles his relationship with Emma and decides to move in with her. Later when Alli is in the hallway crying he shows up and asks if she's seen Bianca. Jonah is a former troublemaker who is interested in rock music and has now seen the light. She takes them to court and despite a few setbacks by her behavior towards the media, wins her case. He starts dating Ellie after spending time together in Saturday detention. After Drew, Adam's step-brother, realizes what Fitz and Owen did to him, he goes outside looking for Fitz and Owen while Adam follows, trying to stop him. He grows an attraction to Maya. Daniel Kelly ... Owen Milligan 110 episodes, 2010-2013 Lyle Lettau ... Tristan Milligan 101 episodes, 2011-2015 Daniel Clark ... Sean Cameron 101 episodes, 2001-2008 Mike Lobel ... Jay Hogart 97 episodes, 2003-2010 Melissa McIntyre There is only one guy she has eyes for, but Shay may have a rude awakening when she realizes she can't always get what she wants. ", "Degrassi-palooza: Premiere Date and Cast Parties Revealed! After realizing things are never going to change at home, she moves in with Paige, Marco, and Ellie. She becomes best friends with Holly J. Sinclair. After she constantly makes out with Miles in front of Grace, Zoë and Grace get into an argument at a beach party. He later decides to join the army to make a better life for himself. was known as a class clown who got into trouble frequently at Degrassi. :) He is known as a rebel and a bully at Degrassi, often torturing other students such as Toby and Rick. 's volleyball tournament with members of his hockey team. In Still Fighting It (2), Riley confronts Owen outside of school, despite listening to Zane's instigation not to, and falcon punches Owen in his face. -Owen to Riley, referring to pink practice shirts, "Oh they're fabulous! They then walk away. ​Reason: Owen didn't like the person Anya became when she did coke. and tells her that any girl would want him to flirt with them. Hunter is the younger brother of Miles, and the twin brother of Frankie. Despite the break up, his mother finally accepts him and he graduates from Degrassi. Drew says, "I heard you were messing with my brother," to which Fitz replies, "Last time we checked you had a sister." In You Oughta Know, Tristan claims that he got steroids from him, which he gives to Miles. Drew's mother, Audra, crashes the elopement, but accepts their relationship and convinces them to hold off the wedding. Did you borrow 'em from your sister? Blue https://degrassi.fandom.com/wiki/Owen_Milligan?oldid=2901548, When Owen was first introduced, he was homophobic. He rekindles his relationship with Ashley and soon proposes to her, but she refuses, resulting in the discovery of his. Gender Chantay convinces Leia to break up with him claiming that it will improve their stale relationship, but Chantay has hidden feelings for him as well. He encourages Tristan to eat, but Tristan says the ice cream tastes like feet, to which Owen agrees after trying it. He watches Tristan come in and sit next to him and asks what he wants. Owen Milligan He has an on-and-off relationship with Anya, despite his. He graduates from Degrassi and attends college. Dallas tells Owen that Alli accepted and Owen seems very proud of him for asking her out. She continues to pursue Drew and they start dating, to the chagrin of his mother. Anson's gang leader, Vince, sends threats of payback. An energetic and somewhat wild girl, Imogen first makes an appearance in season 11 after helping Eli get over Clare and revealing that she has been stalking him. He lives in the Torres home with Drew and Adam. Daphne is the divorced mother of Peter. He is diagnosed with cancer, but eventually goes into remission. She gets a journalism internship. She breaks off the engagement to accept a position at a nationally syndicated news magazine. In Come As You Are (2), he teases Mayaabout her chicken cutlet, but Maya throws her remaining one at the back of his head, telling him to keep it as it was the most action he would receive all year. She and Eli get back together after a storm forces her to stay with him in New York. Later Riley tells the team that they'll have to all wear pink. Maya is Katie's younger sister. Throughout the summer, he comforts Drew when Adam dies. While Marisol scolds Mo for missing their song and being drunk, Owen and Dallas cheer him on. In Still Fighting It (1), Riley is still falling for Zane, and takes advice from Anya. Bianca is forced into a sexual relationship with Vince to ensure he won't harm Drew. Later, he begins a relationship with Emma, but he develops a secret attraction to Liberty. She is now in a new sorority, and briefly appears in. She protests the play due to her conservative beliefs, but becomes accepting of Tristan's sexuality and Adam's gender identity. He starts dating Liberty Van Zandt and gets her pregnant after using a king-sized condom that slips off. In Gives You Hell (1), he is first seen in the weight-room working out. Then Owen just leaves the room saying it's so not worth it. Owen tweeted about the break up a while after Anya left to join the army. Owen is a bully and jock at Degrassi. They tell him they heard something from B (meaning Bianca) and attempt to force him to urinate in the urinal like a male. In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), Owen is seen in the locker room before the game. Alli gets a little angry and says don't touch me. His character interacts with Anya, who is played by Samantha Munro. It is the fourth series set in the fictional Degrassi universe created by Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979. They break up when Holly J. becomes uncomfortable after Declan starts offering to pay for things for her. Dan has appeared in 50 episodes including voice only appearances. She is accepted to Columbia University. Becky and Eli are paired together to write a play, but when Eli changes "Romeo and Juliet" to "Romeo and Jules" she quits. He catches Dave pouring urine all over his locker and threatens to meet him after school the next day. This results in Jimmy ending his friendship with Spinner until they repeat their senior year of high school. In the episode Tears Dry On Their Own (1), Riley is in desperate need of someone to hang out with after school, but he doesn't feel that he's ready to hang with the football team yet, as he can't bear hearing them make gay jokes. This causes a strain on his friendship with Miles, but Miles eventually accepts it. Jenna plays guitar and sings, and is a member of the Power Squad. He has been both transphobic and homophobic, though his positions on both have changed. He attends university with Riley. is a new student at Degrassi who's first seen helping Clare Edwardscollect her books after she trips. ", Owen: " What, from your friends? Miles realizes that Hunter likes her and decides he will try to help Hunter get with her. He has, Craig is a ladies' man with a passion for music. Jimmy comes from a wealthy family and is often seen with expensive clothes and gear. Zoë is skeptical at first, but quickly becomes friends with her and develops a crush on her, which she originally denies. He breaks up with Zane after deciding that he would rather have a "normal" relationship with his parents. She is last seen going to live with family in. 7 (recurring); 8–9 (regular); 6, 10 (guest appearances). In Uptown Girl (2), K.C. Full Name Hatzilakos by Emma and briefly separated from Spike until they made up; in the interim, he stays with best friend, 1, 7 (guest appearances); 2 (recurring); 3–5 (regular). She finds out her father suffers from. Date of Birth (sighs), (To Anya) "What's that, you wanna go faster? Owen was a main antagonist in Season 10. He makes fun of other students at Degrassi whenever he gets the chance. Chantay tries to get them back together, but he informs Chantay that he has feelings for her too. This causes a stricter principal, Principal Pill, to take his place, who disallows the use of cell phones and causes many students to hate Zoë. ". Eli tries to end their relationship, but soon tries to help save it because he wants Clare to be happy. She has bright pink hair. He also reveals that he is contemplating proposing to Trina, showing Spinner a sign that he needs to move on with his life. As an act of revenge, she crashes Spinner's car into Dean's and loses her license. Later in the day, Riley picks up Zane's dropped apple, but instead of returning it, he gets more pressure from Zane. When Holly J. begins insulting him to Anya, he squirts her with water from his water bottle.

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